I’m Tiddler, resident office plant at franklyfluent, a transcreation agency. What is transcreation? I don’t know – I’m a plant. All I know is every day here is a roller-coaster ride and I’m strapped in for the long-haul. Because I literally cannot leave. Because I’m a plant...Read more

It’s a classic problem: you own a country and now you need to make people visit it. You are lonely but also lazy. It’s tough. Lucky for you, countries are a bit like brands, and like all brands, they can be reshaped through clever marketing. Double lucky for you, we, franklyfluent just happen to be armed with the nation-branding...Read more

It was 2010 when John Lewis first discovered, via this ad, that smashing the sad out of people using montages and piano music was a great way to flog kitchen appliances. Several years and countless pieces of branded emotional manipulation later, our hearts grow cold and our tear ducts arid...Read more

Neglected, derided and so often forgotten, it might feel as if the brand mascot is a dying breed. But here at franklyfluent, we know that the truth is much deeper, darker and more complex. In the first in a series of ground-breaking exposés we lift the lid on what some have termed a sinister brand mascot resurgence...Read more

Are you angry? Mad? Fuming? Maybe it was Ray Winstone’s great floating potato head endlessly urging to you bet (‘responsibly’) that got you riled up. Or perhaps you felt a little patronised when Veet tried to give you a tutorial on how to get out of a swimming pool ‘like Kim K’ (and not like yourself, you terrible clumsy oaf). Or maybe you...Read more

It’s that time of year again, when John Lewis & co. haul out the big guns and blast us all right in the face with a little thing called Christmas. But here at franklyfluent we thought it was time to look past the raft of big-budget ads all desperately competing to warm our chilly disenchanted cockles, and unearth some of the less conventional...Read more

I have a confession to make. After over a year living in Japan, I left the country still almost totally baffled by their TV advertising. To my big dumb foreign-person eyes it looked like a random Technicolor cacophony of such unparalleled mania I rarely knew what was being advertised, let alone what was going on....Read more

Fashion brand Monki have just launched a campaign championing a confusing medley of fem-now issues including masturbation, body hair, and periods. I’m all for normalising these things – women shouldn’t have to hide the fact that we are actual humans with pubic hair. So far so great. And you know, I can even make my peace with...Read more

When I was young(er) watching TV consisted of sitting in front of a television enduring yoghurt ads, sometimes for hours, until something you actually wanted to see came on. Then once The Crystal Maze had finally started, the channel would flip over of its own accord. Suddenly you’re watching The Auto-Windscreens Shield. Read more

As an ad executive I constantly feel guilty about poor work over which I have little creative control, so it’s really gratifying to be able to laugh at poor work over which I have literally no creative control. Like the new Vauxhall OnStar ad. We open on a poorly-dubbed member of the Hitler youth saying ‘Cool car!’ while his lips spasm wildly... Read more

Considering its issues with the letters ‘V’, ‘R’, and ‘L’, it’s surprising how well Avril Lavigne has done in Japan. Clearly something about her rocky poppy boppy sound and her cute but grungy (but still cute) persona seems to have won them over. I can’t imagine why. The management behind Avril (or Aburiru as she’s known there)... Read more

Many’s the night I’ve laid awake wondering ‘What if one fifth of Korean boy band and all round swoon-fest BIG BANG were to turn up in London?’ Well lucky for me I can put away my sedatives (or 'special bedtime friends’ as I call them), because it’s finally happened – in a flurry of pastelle suits and guyliner, G-Dragon, whose role... Read more

Long before Psy was winning hearts and minds with his neon suits and stable-based hilarity, Korean man-children Big Bang were singing, dancing, and emotionally girning their way to fame and fortune with a heady mix of heavy beats, inscrutable rap, and guyliner. Best known for their 2012 pan-Asian hit ‘Fantastic Baby’, which... Read more

I was shocked that spell-check did not recognise Justin Bieber’s last name, so endemic has he now become in our society. And it was with grudging resignation that I added the little fucker to my Microsoft Word dictionary, because I have a feeling he won’t be going away any time soon. I bear no ill will towards Justin Bieber... Read more